About Bike Builder


Back in 2008, 718 Cyclery was launched with the idea of building bikes WITH people.  I called it a Collaborative Build. It was a skill that I was still leaning at the time, and something that I wanted to share with others.

As 718 Cyclery grew, the builds became more and more complicated as bike technology evolved (electronic shifting, hydraulic brakes, etc).  Issues like compatibility and technical specifications are big stumbling blocks in being able to build a bike. A conservative and rough estimate would say we have done about 500 Collaborative Builds since those day in my backyard in 2008.

Our Bike Builder aims to make this process less complicated and more collaborative. With a clear logic to parts selection, and easy to access reference material that we maintain, you are minutes away from getting you dream bike designed.

Bike Builder is a free tool, and upon submission we will generate an online/shared parts list (see Build Archive here). This parts list becomes the basic of our communication, as we work with you directly until we get it nailed. Once we’re set with parts and payments, we set a build date.  You have 3 options

  1. Build with us directly and collaboratively
  2. Have us build it for pick up
  3. Have us build bike to ship

We hope you get as much enjoyment out of using Bike Builder as we have had developing it.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with.